Green Intelligence with MyTrackTech®

MyTrackTech® is ERI's robust, online IT and electronic asset disposition portal. It provides real-time transparency into a client's account activity sharing asset details from receipt through final disposition. We can even provide an Environmental Impact Report to support your sustainability initiatives!

MyTrackTech® is an extensible and configurable solution to meet the tracking needs for both data and non-data bearing assets of any organization, regardless of size or industry. ERI clients can securely access the portal 24/7 and can export key data on demand, run asset reports, or order services.

MyTrackTech® FAQ

The following questions are often asked regarding MyTrackTech®.

Everybody claims to have a tracking system, what makes MyTrackTech® different?

MyTrackTech® is the portal to TrackTech®, the comprehensive management platform for ERI’s fully integrated operation. ERI is the only company in the industry to have its operation built on top of a fully integrated solution, making ERI the only company that can provide true real-time visibility into all aspects of asset disposition. ERI is also able to be the most transparent due to the absence of multiple layers of downstream vendors. ERI has the only fully integrated process and has designed and developed a unique platform and portal to manage its operations and to provide transparency to their clients.

Another critical ingredient, also unique to ERI, is the dedicated, in-house software development team to maintain and update MyTrackTech®, as well as to address any special requirements of a client.

Are standard reports included at no additional cost in MyTrackTech®?

Yes, in addition to dashboards and ad hoc data exports, many standard reports are available. The following list reflects the ten most popular MyTrackTech® reports.

Top 10 Most Popular MyTrackTech® Reports

  1. Receiving

    Lists shipment details by asset categories and weights.

  2. Certificate of Recycling & Data Destruction

    This report provides make/model/serial of all assets and will list asset categories and weights for bulk recycling.

  3. Serialized Items Manifest

    A granular report detailing every asset received on a given order.

  4. AM Inventory

    An asset-level report listening inventory and disposition for a client.

  5. Asset Reuse

    Listing of assets that have been sold for reuse.

  6. Order Status

    List of customer orders with ERI and their status updates.

  7. Mass Balance

    A listing of weights and categories of materials generated from client orders.

  8. Invoice

    Final billing statement for services rendered.

  9. Bill of Lading

    Document signed by both parties at actual pickup and serves as a receipt for the pickup.

  10. Box Tracking

    Reporting with tracking information for all ERI Box Program services.

Can we brand it with our logo and colors?

Yes, at no charge. Of course, any change in overall layout, more complex designs, or changes to functionality will need to be scoped to determine level of effort and the related cost.

Can MyTrackTech® be integrated with third party systems?

Yes, MyTrackTech® was designed and built to integrate with ERI internal systems such as the Commodities Management console, partner portals, and client enterprise systems. ERI’s talented Information Systems team can evaluate and scope the level of effort for commercial and proprietary software system integrations required by a client.

What is the annual cost for MyTrackTech®?

None. MyTrackTech® is a value-added service to its clients.